Telegram notifications


According to statistics, Internet users check their email every few days. And this is not due to laziness. It's just generally accepted. 

What if you receive an urgent email or notification? 

“If we urgently need to communicate something, we'd better write to each other in via some messaging app” - everyone says.


For your convenience, to receive notifications from the beaverbiz platform, we suggest you setup notifications to your Telegram account . 

You just need to enter the login from your Telegram account in the Contacts field in your beaverbiz Profile settings.


This way all notifications sent to you by email will also be duplicated in the Telegram chat in a second.

Now you won't miss:

  • messages sent to you by other members/users of the site
  • new feedback/review on your account
  • changes in your rating
  • getting another awards badge
  • and much more  

You are welcome!