Site rules


Please read the rules of our service carefully before using our site.



1. Service beaverbiz . com is a platform for offering professional services and ordering/buying these services. Each user has the right to be both a service provider and a customer at the same time. 


2. Both an individual or a legal entity can become members of This requires registration via email. One person or company can only have one account. Site admin reserves the right to delete duplicate accounts. 


3. Only registered users can get all the benefits on the platform.

    Such as:

  • publish orders and reply to them by offering their services ( ),
  • add your products to the catalog  ( ),
  • publish job/project vacancies on the site, as well as search for employers ( ),
  • ask questions, as well as answer and comment on the queries of others ( ),
  • add your articles to the site, with your name stated as the author. It works as an advertisement and may be suitable for well-known coaches, community leaders, etc. You can add an article after Site admin approves it. ( ),
  • The platform has a number of places for your ad. It can be of interest to public figures, such as coaches with their training programs, legal and transport companies, training centers and warehouses, platforms with the provision of various services, clubs, etc. ( ). 


4. As an equality principle on the platform, users/members during registration are not divided into service providers and customers.  

In the general settings, you will have to select the specializations in which you provide services. After that you will automatically be taken to the "Service providers" module, where customers can find you. 


5. To better represent their services and skills, the Service providers have opportunity to upload their portfolio ( ), where they can show and describe previous work/projects.  


6. Make sure to add your resume ( ) to your profile so that customers have an idea about you and your work experience.  


7. Verification of your identity will help you get the "Confirmed Profile" badge, which also adds to your rating and credibility (  


8. You can confirm your financial details on page

 It is not a compulsory step, but it will help you speed up the process of working in the "Guarantor" service mode. And it will allow Site admins to quickly transfer payments to you.

None of the site users can see this data. 


9. Information for users providing services on the site (Service providers). 

Each Service provider/contractor on the site has its own rating and achievements in the form of special badges.    

   9.1. User/member rating is the sum of parameters reflecting the member's activity on the site and the degree of customer satisfaction with the services provided.   

   The rating is driven by a number of indicators:

  • visits to the site,
  • user being selected by customers as service provider,
  • positive reviews,
  • negative reviews,
  • portfolio of jobs/projects carried out,
  • the best answers to questions,
  • PRO account,
  • money that user/member spent on services,
  • user/member's refusal to fulfill the order for an unjustified reason also negatively affects rating,
  • quantity and quality of completed orders 

   If a user activated PRO account, then his rating is multiplied by 1.5 times. Upon expiration of PRO account, user's rating will return to the usual value. 

   9.2. "Achievements" - provide an opportunity for members/users to receive all kind of distinctions.   

   Service provider awards attract the attention of customers and increase the index of trust, emphasizing service provider's status and the quality of the services provided on the platform. 


Service providers can earn the following badges:

  • "For completed tasks". It is assigned when performing a set number of tasks, for example - 5, 10, 50, 100. It is updated instantly when the next level is achieved.
  • "TOP performers". It is assigned to service providers who are included in the list of the best, for example, in the top 1, 3, 5, 10, 50, 100. It entirely depends on the position of service provider in general listing.
  • "Percentage of successfully completed assignments". Assigned to active users/service providers who have been selected to complete orders/tasks at least N number of times, and shows what percentage of tasks they have successfully completed. Service providers, who successfully completed less than N% of tasks are automatically blocked.
  • "Expert". Achievement is assigned by Site admin to members/users in their profile.  


10. In order to ensure the safety of transactions between customers and the service providers/contractors, the platform provides service called "Guarantor". 

This service provides withholding of payments until confirmation that order was completed and arbitration service (assistance in resolving disputes between customer and service provider). 

Withholding of payment in a transaction through the "Guarantor" service is carried out via our company escrow bank account through STRIPE service.

Our bank is relay Financial. 

We encourage our members/users to try resolve conflicts with each other. If both parties cannot find a compromise in resolving their dispute on their own, they can then submit their dispute for arbitration to the site administration who have access to all correspondence on the site.  

For arbitration, it is imperative that you conduct your transaction through the "Guarantor" service and conduct all communication/correspondence via the site. 


11. During the work on the order, the service provider should not cause any harm to customer in any way. For example, edit or upload files that may harm the customer's site or users of customer’s site. If this comes to the site admin attention, sanctions will be applied to the service provider. 


12. When submitting completed order, service provider/contractor must provide a report or final result of the work in order for the Customer to check the work before acceptance and payment. Otherwise, the order is not considered completed. 


13. It is FORBIDDEN to publish orders and offer your services that violate the laws of any country or the rights of third parties and marketplaces. More details are available on the page Services not available for placement. 


14. For all information posted by memer/user on the site the member/user is responsible. By registering, the user automatically confirms that he understands his responsibility and, in the event of claims or suits from the copyright holders against the site, the member/user guarantees to cover the costs. 


15. The use of following is prohibited on the site:

  • abusive treatment
  • use of bad language
  • posting any materials that may negatively affect the image of the site or violate the laws of any country, as well as the rights of third parties

In case of violations, member/user assumes full responsibility. 


16. The administration of the site has the right to delete any user materials that violate the rules of the site, as well as block or delete any account without giving a reason. The withdrawal of funds will also be blocked until the circumstances are clarified. 


17. If a member/user conducts a permanent activity on the site in a service provider role and receives a stable income through it, and/or sells goods on the site, then a member/user must independently regulate his relations with all government agencies.  


18. The user agrees to the provision, storage and processing of his data (cookies, data, identifiers, etc.) by the service. Also, the site collects data about visitors using analytics services such as Yandex Metrics, Google Analytics, Live Internet. 

All data is stored on secure servers and is not passed on to third parties. Exceptions may be the need for such a transfer:

  • to ensure the operation of the site
  • for marketing purposes
  • for legal requirements 


19. In addition, is not responsible for the content, quality or level of service provided by service providers/contractors (including if they are professional service providers and Top-Rated service providers).  

We encourage users to use our feedback system, our community chat and common sense when choosing the right services. 

Our customer support service works from 9.00 to 18.00 Moscow time, except Saturdays and Sundays. If you have any questions, you can write to or contact our customer support in the chat window.  

Terms of use of the site are published on the site and can be changed by the administration at any time without notifying the users of the service.