Affiliate/referral program

 Increase your income by inviting new users to the beaverbiz platform


Get a referral link into your personal account and use it to recommend the beaverbiz platform to your friends and colleagues.

  1.  After registration, the user you referred to is credited with $10 to his registered account for use within the service (trial budget).
  2. When your referral places first order, $5 is credited to your personal account.
  3. From then on, you get 7% from each of your referral's payments for services on/via the platform. It will be paid to your personal account.


Comission payments into your personal account are made automatically when your referrals pay for the following services on the platform:

  • Purchase a PRO account,
  • Positioning in the "Carousel of Service providers"
  • Positioning in the "Ladder of Service providers"
  • Bumping a product or vacancy 
  • Highlighting a product or vacancy 
  • Pinning a product or vacancy 
  • Bumping an order 
  • Highlighting an order 
  • Pinning an order 
  • Hidden project/order 

Each registered member/user of the site has a personal referral link. You can find it in your personal account, in your Profile settings.

Tell your friends about our platform, if they become your referrals it will earn you passive income for a long time.

    Register and get a referral link