Services not available for placement on


1. Services and goods that violate the laws of any country:

  • Tobacco products, smoking accessories and any smoking products.
  • Alcoholic products.
  • Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. 
  • Operations on stock exchange, operations with securities, cryptocurrencies, forex, financial and commodity pyramids.
  • Medicines and dietary supplements. Consulting and advertising of such drugs.
  • Explosives, cold weapons and firearms, as well as components for them.
  • Goods and services for adults (18+).
  • Lotteries and gambling. Sports betting. 

2. Services and products prohibited on popular marketplaces: 

  • sale of accounts
  • services for posting and removing reviews and comments with a rating,
  • services for fake documents, invoices,
  • use and sale of other people's documents,
  • use and sale of someone else's bank cards,
  • currency exchange services,
  • other.

3. Services that include fraud, spam, and unfair competition. 

4. Services that infringe intellectual rights and copyrights, as well as illegal use of: 

  • other people's brands,
  • trademarks, etc. 

5. Services that violate the rights of third parties : 

  • citizens' rights to privacy or public order,
  • violating honor and dignity,
  • moral and ethical standards of obscenity,
  • collection and transmission of information prohibited for distribution, including personal data,
  • posting materials containing threats and insults,
  • containing political appeals, calls for violence, incitement to religious, racial or ethnic hatred,
  • related to extremism, etc.

6. Services of no value to the user

7. Adult services and pornography

8. Services that can not be provided online