Нет времени обучать, хочу готового специалиста


It's harder to readjust.

A trained professional is most likely used to working according to his system. He already has experience and results, and he'll want you to listen to him. Is this a good fit for your business?

Where to grow?

Remember that employees are motivated not only by salary, but also by the opportunity for development. Will there be room for your professional to grow so he or she won't get bored and leave you after a year?

Less commitment.

An employee with a good knowledge base and experience is unlikely to worry about quitting. There are not many real specialists, and there is always a demand for them. Another thing is an employee who is well aware that at this point their experience is not at all of the level to be hunted down by head-hunters.

Now think about what is more important to your company in the long run? To hire a long-term employee who will grow with your business, or someone who will clean up your "slack" and leave when he gets bored because your business has not grown enough to give him the opportunity to realize his potential. 

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  • Zarina
    Zarina [mustakaeva604] 08.12.2021 3512 17:35
    Полностью согласна с вашими словами.

    Нужно растить ребёнка с рождения, чтобы он тебя любил по-настоящему, а не брать с улицы уже 20 летнего и ждать, чтобы тебя назвали мамой.
    Плохой пример, но веселый)))

    Спасибо вам, Лада!
    Лада Хазанов Talents Boutique
    20-тилетнему ребенку нужно гораздо больше дать, чтобы заслужить его любовь))))
    Спасибо за отзыв