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 Dear Users and Guests of beaverbiz platform. Welcome and thank you for your interest in us!

 Who might be interested in placing their ads on our site?

Since was created to help e-commerce entrepreneurs with the problems/tasks arising from trading on marketplaces around the world, number of users on our site will be high.

Also, the number of starters/newcomers who have just decided to go into e-commerce business is growing every day.

Based on this, it will be beneficial to advertise your services and products to the following users and guests of the site: 

  • coaches with training programs,
  • legal and accounting companies,
  • transport companies,
  • numerous communities and sellers clubs,
  • web studios/designers,
  • prep centers and warehouses all over the globe,
  • forwarders, etc. 

We are here to offer your number of ways to draw attention to your products.


If you are the owner of the topical resources (sites, forums, social networks, coach groups, etc, related to the categories listed on our site), contact our support team.

We can place your advertisement in the most optimized way and on a mutually beneficial term! 

For advertising and partnership, please contact us on

Options for advertising on the  

1. The main page of the site is completely free of advertising, so as not to overload the attention of members/users. 

2. You can place your banner ad in the sidebar of any page other than the main page

3. Advanced option: In addition to the side banner ad (as a plus option) you can order a whole page about yourself, your product or your service, posted on our site. On this page you can describe all of your competitive advantages, add number of links to your services or products.  

4. You can also leave a message/ad on the Wall for members/users of the site the "Orders" page . This ad will not be clickable and you can not link it to your resource. 

Technical features for your ad: 

  • Banner size 240 x 400
  • The maximum file size is 200kB
  • The banner must not contain prohibited elements and materials
  • Animated dynamic banners are discouraged
  • Banners with forced download of audio or video are not accepted
  • Banners are accepted in JPG, PNG formats
  • The administration reserves the right to reject advertising material without giving reasons 

Data on the performance indicators of your advertising (impressions, number of clicks, CTR ) can be requested from the site admin via email

Thank you for staying with us!